About Us

Welcome to MumbaiChaat

Mumbai Chaat and Dosa is a Pure Vegetarian Fast Food South, West and North Indian Restaurant and serves foods from different parts of India and authentic Street Foods of Mumbai the food sold by hawkers from portable stalls in Mumbai. It is one of the characteristics of the city. The city is known for its distinctive street foods. Although street food is common all over India, street food in Mumbai is noted because people from all economic classes eat on the roadside almost round the clock and it is sometimes felt that the taste of street food is better than restaurants in the city. Many Mumbaites like a small snack on the road in the evening. People of Mumbai cut across barriers of class, religion, gender and ethnicity are passionate about street food.We serve you purely vegetarian food and give you the true flavours of Street Foods of Mumbai.However, there are more than these that can treat the taste buds.

As I worked and learned from our elders have been cooking and mastering the Canada was deprived of it. So we decided to open just that, an Authentic Street Food of Bombay with personal touch and care paid to our unbeatable taste and customer service. Our elders have been cooking and mastering the culinary art for many years in which many secret recipes have been created and passed on. With their blessings and knowledge we literally 'exposed' our kitchen and heart to our valued customers since 2012. From the very first day we have never compromised freshness, cleanliness or taste. We make the food ourselves rather than depending on outside commercial cooks...

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our customers for their support and feedback given throughout our journey. Bombay Chaat